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 Y Front
Mellow Cosmos

D. Guitar Programming
Syd Ogy Vocals Programming Keyboards
"Mellow Cosmos"
CD album ref INTOX012CD
Somewhere far... far away from everything, dark and strange. Y Front never sounded like any of the other band around in Europe. And yes, Y Front could have been from Des Moines, Fort Lauderdale or Vancouver, just because their sound always been unique, unique as any of the bands that define how Industrial Music and Electronica is perceived today.
D, Syd Ogy
Few steps...
Back in 97 when it all started for Y Front the international music scene was praying at Nine Inch Nails and Ministry's feet, bringing samplers, loops and overdrived vocals to the altar of rock. And like many others, Y Front was then on hunt for the kings heads, recording a high energy first album on one of the most famous indie label in France, Boucherie. But syncronicity wasn't working out so good at that time, besides a hell of good press and several tour in Europe and the USA (where they play NY at the Coney Highland High with Ramnstein), the band was going against a saturated market and some deep band problems that reduced the core of the unit to it's dual expression. D. and Syd Ogy.
The Band
Refreshed and free from the context that was restraining their creativity, the duet started to write new songs, Syd and D. moved to Paris, enlarging an already wide range of emotions and feelings. Working late in their home studios, letting everything go, forgetting the rules, opening themselves to the Gods of creation. Pain, suffer, joy. After a couple of local shows in early 2000 the duet found with Intoxygene and Patrick Jammes (commander of the Young Gods Spaceship) a strong enough vessel to channel their energy and focus on their international potential. Time was right to start thinking about recording. And time was also right to express their musical diversity and Y Front just free what has always been inside but never expressed with such intensity. Power pop electronica, industrial rock with attitude, minimal grooves, subtle arrangements... everything founded its place in the 11 songs D. and Syd put together with the help of Bernard Trontin (The Young Gods), rv Loos and Entonie (LTNO). Everything produced at Relief studio in Switzerland, by Y Front and mixed by D. himself. And from Depeche Mode, to Killing Joke, from Chemical Brothers to Nine Inch Nails, with a zest of Cure, and a slice of superproduction "a la americana techno rock", Y Front realized something that never been done with such a quality and identity. A cosmic opera of sounds, tragic and magic, a cocktail of dynamics, beats, huge guitars and highly emotional vocals. Something due to last longer that the french touch itself. Ask the Daft Boyz.
Stephane Herve for The Dead Sexy Inc. 01
Photos Muriel Delepon.
Y Front
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