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 The Missa Furiosa
Missa Furiosa, mass sung in latin for three opera singers
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I believe that my secret goal has been to write music - orchestral, vocal, theatrical - which is also devoid of intrigue and drama. Instead, placing on stage opera singers surfing on techno samples and therein mixing the most extroverted forms of my last three years work. I will research the
Moments of high pomp, the solemn, the ceremonious and the majestic, but in the form of gameplay. A little like laughing at myself.
Thierry Zaboitzeff: Born in 1953. Composer co-founder of the group art zoyd which he left in 1996 in order to concentrate more intensively on his own sound development projects, and also confronting other performance art forms: dance, theatre, events. A sculptor of sound space, perfectionist and highly imaginative.
Stephane VERITE: Co-director and metteur en scene for all the events of the Group Saghah. Since 1990 he has been responsible for the mise en scene for the Compagnie du Palimpeste, in collaboration with scenographer and architect Gerald Gribe and lightings by Eric Loustau-Carrere.
 The High Mass
Zaboitzeff - Missa Furiosa
It could start like a low mass, not a murmer but something big scaled down. On stage, all the apparatus is condensed to a single point. The point of departure, so that the mass can but only grow, rise and swell in a constant crescendo, such that the maximum intensity is never attained.

La Missa Furiosa
Mise en scene : Stephane Verite ->

Thierry Zaboitzeff: cello, bass, guitars, voices,sonic escapades and programming.
Thierry Zaboitzeff: cello, bass, guitars, voices, sonic escapades and programming.
Born in 1953. Composer co-founder of the group art zoyd which he left in 1996 in order to concentrate more intensively on his own sound development projects, and also confronting other performance art forms: dance, theatre, events.
Judith Lehner
Judith Lehner: voice soprano and bass clarinet.
Born in 1977. Studied the clarinet at the musikgymnasium in linz, then at the bruckner conservatorium in the class of Gerald Kraxberger, where she obtained her degree with honours. She has equally received classical voice training. Participates internationally in numerous new musical creations, notably with the ensemble clarinet reaction.
Rupert Bopp
Rupert Bopp: Violin, oud, voices.
Born november 13th, 1967 in freiburg / germany he gratuated at the Conservatoire Mozarteum Salzburg. Rupert bopp studied violin and oriental string instruments within the ensembles Inflagranti and Eiris. Intense experiments with voice. He seeks the musical connections of Oriental and Occidental music. Music for theater- and filmproductions.
Irene Wallner
Irene Wallner: Voice Alto.
Born in march 9 th, 1975 in steyr / austria study instrumental and vocal pedagogics university of music and pictorial arts, in vienna.
Diploma: october 2002 since 1993 study Solo Singing University of Music and Pictorial arts, professors: H. Lazarska, G. Kahry, A. M. Rott. Vocal course: Ch. Spencer, opera course: K. Malm, U.Theimer mastery courses Ks S. Geszty (1994) H. Lazarska (1995, 1996) Ks W. Berry (1996) Ch. Elssner (1997, 1998) A. Carangelo (1999) Ks H. Zadek (2000, 2002)
Sebastian Rietz
Sebastian Rietz: Voice baryton/tenor & cello.
Born in wuppertal in 1975. Studied classical singing at the kunstuniversität graz in the class of wolfgang gamerith. In 2000 he passed his degree with distinction. Concerts and opera productions in austria and germany. He participated inter alia at the festival “steirischer herbst” and at the “Ausseer Musikfestwochen”
Peter Angerer
Peter Angerer: Drums and percussions.
Born in 1956 in bad gastein. Truly an all-round musician of the Austrian Music Scene: rock and jazz sessions, improvisations and percussive experiences of all kinds. Has played, amongst others, with Don Cherry, Dollar Brand, Ostbahn Kurti and Lilly Marchall.
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La Missa Furiosa
Artistic director and composer:
Thierry Zaboitzeff.

Musiciens :
Thierry Zaboitzeff:
Cello, bass, guitars, voices,
Sonic escapades and programming.

Peter Angerer:
Drums and percussions.

Judith Lehner:
Voice (soprano) and
bass clarinet.

Rupert Bopp:
Violin, oud, voices.

Irene Wallner:
Voice (alto).

Sebastian Rietz:
Voice (baryton), cello.

Philippe Colpin:
Sound Designer.

Mise en scène:
Stephane Verite.

Gérald Gribé.

Light designer:
Eric Lousteau-Carrère.
Production and
administration :

Association Iva Lirma France et Iva Lirma Austria.
Photos Credits:

Editta Braun/Stephane Verite/Emmanuel Valette.

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